How To Organize Your Photos Smartly


If you are also a travel addict, you most likely have thousands of photos on your computer, waiting to be arranged or even printed one day. However, that day never comes. Here are some useful tips on how to resolve that problem once for all.


  • As soon as you get back home, dedicate just 10 minutes of your time to put them onto your computer in a separate folder that you will mark with YYYYMMDD number first, and then you can put the name of the destination (for example 20181103 London). I prefer writing the numbers separately (2018 11 03 London), but then you have to pay attention never to forget to put those spaces between. Select all the photos in the folder and click on “rename” to put the same name on every single photo. Your computer will assign the numbers automatically. In that way, your photos will always be in chronological order.


  • If you visited more places in one day (for example Strasbourg, Colmar and Riquewihr) or ( Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris), your computer will put Colmar first, because it comes first in alphabetical order. If you still want them to be in chronological order, you can just select the whole group of the photos from the place you visited first, and renaming it, in the end ofYYYYMMDD just put a letter A (2018 11 03A Strasbourg). Thus, Strasbourg will be first in your group of photos.


  • It gets a little bit tricky when you have more sources of photos (camera, mobile phone…). In that case, I advise you to transfer them to different temporary folders. Rename all the photos in the largest folder. Then, copying the name of a photo in it, paste it to a photo or a group of photos in the “secondary” folder, adding just a simple a, b, c letters in the end of that name, so that they can fit into the right chronological position when we put them all together in the end.

organize it

  • You can do one more thing, I personally adore. I copy all those new photos to a new folder and go through all the pictures deleting one by one, all but the best of them. (They still have the same name as in the “basic” folder) Of 1000 photos, I usually select around 30 and then I move them to the folder “Favorites” which already contains all the best photos from my journeys. Thanks to their names, they will always be in chronological order. I use it as a source for my screen saver, or if I want to print some photos, or to show someone shortly the best moments from my latest journey.


  • Finally, make sure to backup your photos to an external hard drive, because they are precious and unrepeatable memories.

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