Things to Avoid If You Want to Become Wealthy


If you have finally decided to take your life in your own hands and get the maximum of it, you will probably have to get rid of some old habits. Here are some of the most common ones that very often represent an obstacle on your way to success and a richer life in every sense.

Get rid of your limited beliefs.

Depending on the environment where we grew up and on our childhood, we all bear the burden of various preconceptions taken from our parents, at school, from our friends or enemies. It is time to realize that they exist only in our heads and that they have lived there for far too long as parasites. The ideas like, “You cannot have a beautiful, smart and good-hearted woman at the same time”, or “You cannot be that lucky” or simply “You are not smart enough or capable of it”, leave to those ones who imagined them.

Stop dwelling on the past.

You cannot change it. Do not be too harsh about your mistakes, because they made you the person you are today, interested in getting the maximum of your life. All the things that hurt or disappointed you in the past, the mistakes or embarrassments are obstacles that could hinder you from progressing and developing.

Stop resisting changes.

They are natural and necessary. Our brains will desperately try to maintain the existing, although maybe completely terrible situation, recognizing it as a safe zone where survival is possible, which is always better than any uncertainty and change. Be aware of it!


Stop resisting changes

Exclude negative self-talk.

Never insult anyone, especially not yourself. My motto is, “If you have nothing nice to say, you should say nothing at all”. If you think of yourself badly, if you keep saying to yourself how stupid, incapable, fat, ugly or weak you are, how do you expect others to treat you differently!

Stop blaming others.

No one is guilty of our failures. The others are responsible for their own actions, and we can only react to them adequately. No one can eat or walk; neither breathe, nor feel, instead of us.

Stop complaining.

It provokes either compassion or a mockery. You do not need any of them. Estimate the situation and do your best in such circumstances on your own, without waiting for anyone else to save you.

There is no need to impress other people or to ask for their approval.

Do not strive for somebody else’s goals and dreams, and you will not need their approval and support. Nobody knows you better than you do. The achievement of your own goals is so fulfilling, that will make the others’ opinion completely irrelevant.

You do not need to be always right.

You cannot always succeed. Mistakes are necessary and inevitable. They are our best teachers. However, it is important to try and to be persistent.

There is absolutely no room for laziness or for the lack of motivation.

With no action, there is no reaction, and no positive results. Persistence and consistency are the key to any success.

Stop resisting changes

Stay away from negative people.

In every segment of your life, stay away from spiritless, unexcited and ungrateful people. Criticism without a constructive suggestion in return, should be left to politicians. Well-intentioned advice from less brave people should be left to their limitations. If there is a burning desire in you to achieve something, then you will certainly do it. You should not let yourself be limited by the people who do not want to see you grow and change, usually for their own, very selfish reasons.

Wealth without health means nothing.

Make an exceptional health be the number one priority in your life.

Finally, I will just repeat the famous advice of Robin Sharma. “Do not live the same year 75 times and call it life.”

Leave me your comments below, or via “contact” section. I will be thrilled if I manage to encourage any of you to take the path of change and self-improvement.

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