Footmade Dreaming

Perhaps the most common question I was asked in my life was where I got my energy from, and how I kept smiling all the time. The secret probably lies in the fact that I discovered my passions quite early and that I stuck to them as much as I could. Apart from the journeys that leave my mind full of memories and sights, smells and sounds to stay there and be remembered forever, there is another passion of mine that keeps me going on a daily basis, and that is dancing.

My First Dance Teacher
My First Dance Teacher

Many years ago, when I was still a teenage girl, I discovered the beauty of Standard and Latin dance. The amazing sensation I have every time I hear a familiar rhythm is something that has been following me ever since. If someone offered me to go to the gym for more than two hours a day, I would have rejected it at no time, but even after four or five hours of dancing nonstop at dancing parties, I always feel sorry when they end.

The two styles are different in technique, rhythm and costumes, but they both exemplify basic elements of ballroom dancing such as control and cohesiveness.

With the appearance of Salsa, Kizomba or Bachata, dancing popularity exploded. In huge cities like mine, if you feel like dancing, you will definitely find a place to do it every single night. Ballroom dance, or Salsa parties, street Tango or a mixture of everything will be waiting for you at every corner.

Plesni studio "Natalija i Ivica"
Plesni studio “Natalija i Ivica”

After so many lectures that I have a day, and despite immense love for my job, I usually feel quite exhausted in the evenings. It happens very often that I come to my Salsa training with zero energy level. However, after just a few minutes of listening to that adorable beat, I feel alive again. By the end of the practice, which is too short for all of us, no matter how long it lasts, my face is radiant and smiling again, and my body is full of bouncing energy.

Dorćol Platz
Dorćol Platz

If you are lucky enough to find your “rechargers“, make the most of them.

Being healthy, and having an adorable son and family, I have already no rights to complain at all. However, with the addition of travelling, dancing and working what I like best, whenever and wherever I want, no wonder I glitter!

That is the answer!

What are your external sources of energy? What can always make you feel better? Leave me your comments; I would love to hear your ideas!


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