My name is Jelena Ilic and I am here to help you put yourself on a path of development that will enable you to live your best life.

You may be here because you are trying to figure out how to earn more doing something you like on line, or how to do something that will give you more freedom to travel, to spend more time with your family and friends or simply doing things you like best.

Maybe you want your office to be wherever you are in the world at that moment. Maybe you are aware that you have to improve your quality of life but simply do not know how to begin.

You should not worry about whether you are too old or too young to get started, whether you will have enough time for it with all your daily commitments, or whether your tech literacy is too low, because you will never be alone on your journey, and help will come whenever you face an obstacle.

If your decision is serious, and you are willing to put just a little of your time and energy in it, you will soon be able to start living a fulfilling and meaningful life.


From a professor of languages to a professor of life


In this, quite long 🙂 journey of mine, I have collected a lot of knowledge and experience, and I am sure that you will find them very helpful and amusing.

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1973.

I was a smart kid. The one that never needs or asks for any help, but always brings home top grades and the first or second prizes at all sorts of competitions in writing, declamation, mathematics, painting, or even singing! Therefore, nobody was helping me, apart from my brother a math genius, who made me appreciate and love mathematics.

I really wanted to learn to play the piano, but nobody paid attention, or to study more languages, but there was never enough time for that. My teachers used to drag me around assuming that I enjoyed competing. They did not bother to explain that being good at everything, was leading straight to nothing.

The first time when I fought for myself and started doing something that I really liked was at the age of 14 when I enrolled a dancing school for Latin and standard dances. Since then dancing has been one of my greatest passions.

Thanks to my top grades, I got into one of the best high schools in Belgrade and my hunger for knowledge started growing. In order to enable myself to take all the courses I wanted, I started teaching languages and earning the necessary funds.

I attended several courses on personal growth and mind control, on memory techniques, and a course for TV and radio presenters, where, as their best candidate, I got the opportunity to start working immediately. I had a new source of income and a vague image of my future profession, so I enrolled the Faculty of Economics.

Surrounded by people with very different view of life and moral perceptions, after two quite successful years, I decide to leave that world, but also the Faculty, because without that job, it had no sense for me anymore.

What a shock for the family of a “brilliant, promising” kid! Luckily, it was then when I recognized my real passion and what I really wanted to do in my life. Giving private lessons while studying I managed to graduate from the Faculty of Philology and became a professor of Italian language and literature.

I started working as a teacher in a couple of schools for foreign languages, and I soon realized that my own teaching methods were much more productive and amusing than the traditional ones, so I decided to start my own school. It was a fantastic experience. I was able to implement all my creativity, to follow the particular needs of my students, to create inspiring associations to explain new words, to invent stories and fairy tales to clarify grammar issues.

My students did not only stand out in their knowledge of languages, but they also started using my methods for other subjects at school. I changed their attitude towards learning in general.

Their number kept growing, but my time stayed limited. I needed more teachers, but even if they learned how to use my method, it was not enough. It required inventiveness at the moment, huge positivity and enthusiasm, all at the same time.

Since so many people asked me to put my method on the paper, and to try to implement it in schools, I did some of the work. However, the process was very slow because I needed to feed my family at the same time and for years I worked 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, with always growing list of students, waiting for my lectures.

I also needed to have some fun and to travel which is another great passion of mine. In the meantime, I got married, I got my adorable son, and soon I got divorced. 🙁

Every extra penny and every single holiday we spent travelling and creating mutual, everlasting memories. We visited more than 25 countries in Europe and hundreds of towns.

For the vast majority of people around me I was living a dream life. However, I knew that I had to decrease working hours as soon as possible, in order to enable myself to take so many other possibilities that life had to offer.

Since the moment I started thinking about the best kind of future I could make out of my life, ideas and opportunities started coming through. Among so many of them promising instant and effortless change and success, I chose to work with people who only asked for 100% determination and I did not regret.

Applying for their free membership and watching many in-depth behind-the-scenes videos, following the videos on YouTube, reading e books and attending webinars, I got completely convinced that this system left almost no possibility for a failure.

My online journey with its immense potential has begun. Will you keep me company?